We are the riders

Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists, a member of CPA, the worldwide pro cyclists union.

Representation Labor contracts

The CPA negotiates minimum salaries, non-salary-benefits, vacation days, renewal terms, etc. with the riders' employers (the teams).

Advocacy Safety

Weather, vehicle behavior, road surface quality, course designs, etc. We keep on the pressure for races and training rides to be safe.

Support Career Transition Fund

When they retire pro cyclists can receive €12,500 from a fund administered by the CPA.

Marketing Commercial Partnerships

We activate partnerships to benefit the riders by positioning brands at the heart of the sport.

For the Riders,
by the riders

The ANAPRC Board of Directors is composed of active and/or retired riders elected by the full ANAPRC membership.

Membership is open to all male American and Canadian pro road cyclists employed by a World Tour or ProContinental team.

Brent Bookwalter
Ian Boswell
Robin Carpenter
Alex Howes
Travis McCabe
Kiel Reijnen
Christian Vande Velde

2018 Board of Directors


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