ANAPRC Selects Michael Carcaise As Executive Director

Boulder, CO — The Board of Directors of the Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists (ANAPRC) today announced the hiring of Michael Carcaise as Executive Director.

Carcaise’s selection was approved by a unanimous Board vote (with seven Directors voting and one Director recused), following an extensive search process chaired by ANAPRC Directors Lucas Euser and Tim Johnson.

“We feel fortunate that so many qualified people put themselves forward as potential ANAPRC leaders. The Board chose Michael because of his well-articulated vision for raising the ANAPRC’s profile and increasing our impact,” said Lucas Euser, ANAPRC Director and co-chair of the search committee. “Riders need a strong voice to speak for them on a range of issues vital to the future of professional cycling.”

Carcaise assisted the pro cyclists who founded the ANAPRC in 2014 and guided them through the process of gaining membership to the CPA – the international riders union based in Switzerland. Carcaise has served as Interim Executive Director of the ANAPRC since its launch in October. He spearheaded the Association’s push for new rules to manage races in extreme weather conditions.

“Michael’s perspective comes from outside of the cycling world and that fresh view has been a big part of our success so far. We’re excited for ANAPRC’s future with him on our team,” said ANAPRC President Christian Vande Velde. “Michael has fought alongside the riders to build ANAPRC from scratch and we are going to keep pushing to change the way riders are treated by races, teams, and the UCI. I wish I had an organization like ANAPRC at the beginning of my career.”

In addition to his work with the ANAPRC, Carcaise’s extensive background in risk management includes negotiating settlements of complex disputes between hospitals, physicians, patients, and medical malpractice insurance companies.

“I’m humbled by the endorsement of the ANAPRC Directors and the confidence they have in me. I am proud to work for and with ANAPRC members who are among the world’s best at their profession,” said Carcaise. “There are big challenges ahead, but also tremendous opportunity for riders to find their voice and establish a seat at the table.”


About the ANAPRC: The Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists ( was formed in October 2014 and gained membership to the CPA in November 2014. ANAPRC exists to advance the interests of its members as professional cyclists.

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