ANAPRC Statement on Stage One of the Tour of the Basque Country

Boulder, CO — We are disappointed the race organizers and UCI officials at the Tour of the Basque Country created an unnecessarily dangerous course by allowing fixed obstacles to stand inside the last kilometer of stage one. ANAPRC will not rest until the responsible parties have been held accountable, and riders are assured that steps will be taken to prevent this in the future.

We do not expect all risk to be removed from pro cycling. However, we do expect and demand that sensible measures be taken to prevent avoidable crashes like we saw in Monday’s finale.

The race organization could have taken any number of measures to prevent this outcome: divert the peloton away from the bollards with temporary barriers; station an official in front of the bollards with a flag; illustrate the dangerous feature in the road book; make an announcement on race radio which could be relayed to the riders by their teams.

We now insist the UCI officials and race organizers admit that they performed below the standard that the athletes deserve, and make a commitment to improving in the future. We demand the UCI and the race organization take measures to prevent this from happening in future races. We also insist all parties communicate clearly with the CPA about their plans to improve.

This kind of course design should not exist at any level of cycling, but especially at the WorldTour level. Those races granted a WorldTour license must set the standard for the entire sport.


About the ANAPRC: The Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists was formed in October 2014 and gained membership to the CPA in November 2014. ANAPRC exists to advance the interests of its members as professional cyclists.

Contact: Michael Carcaise, Interim Executive Director,