CPA Board Meets in Paris, Discusses the UCI’s Proposal to Reform the Structure of Men’s Pro Cycling

The CPA Board of Directors met in Paris over the final weekend of the Tour de France. ANAPRC Executive Director Michael Carcaise was present along with representatives of national riders associations from Italy, Spain, and France. Also present were individuals from Great Britain, Slovakia, and Germany to represent riders not yet organized in official independent associations.

The Board discussed the state of the CPA’s Retirement Fund; the WorldTour reforms recently proposed by the UCI; new initiatives for safer races; President Gianni Bugno’s proposed new management structure of the CPA; and many other topics.

The issues requiring the urgent attention of all riders are the proposal to:
– reform the WorldTour race calendar,
– introduce promotion-relegation and
– reduce the number of WorldTour teams to 15.

The UCI aims to approve some form of their proposal at meetings in Innsbruck during Worlds week.

All riders have recently received a memo from the CPA about the UCI’s proposal and it is critically important that all riders review the documents and give feedback to the CPA before August 26.

ANAPRC will host at least two teleconferences for riders to discuss the UCI’s reform proposal between now and August 26. Stay tuned to the ANAPRC Slack channel and your email inbox for details.