CPA Bylaws

Key parts of the CPA Bylaws

Membership Eligibility - Art. 3

— national and supranational associations of professional cyclists

L’Association Cyclistes Féminines de Haut Niveau

— individually, all professional cyclists riding under contract with a UCI-registered team, and not already represented by a member association (such as a national or supranational association)

Admission to the CPA - Art. 4

— the Steering Committee (see Art. 15 & 16) reviews applications for admission

— if applications are approved, the General Assembly votes on whether to admit membership to the CPA

General Assembly Meeting - Art. 9

— the General Assembly is the supreme body of the CPA

— the General Assembly meets once per year

Powers/Duties of the General Assembly - Art. 10

— election of the CPA President

— approval of the independent auditor’s report on financial accounts

— development and approval of the CPA’s future activities and programs

Quorum & Voting of the General Assembly - Art. 11

— the GA meeting is validly constituted regardless of the number of members who attend

— simple majority vote on most matters

— member associations have a number of votes equal to the number of their members

— each individual member of the CPA (unrepresented by a member association) is entitled to one vote

The Steering Committee Composition - Art. 15

The SC is composed of:

— the CPA President (currently Gianni Bugno)
— one representative of each member association
— the UCI Athletes Representative (currently Bernie Eisel)

Powers/Duties of the Steering Committee - Art. 16

— appoints the Secretary General of the CPA, hires CPA staff and fixes compensation

— manages and administers the CPA, is authorized to act on behalf of the CPA

— convenes the General Assembly and verifies the execution of decisions approved by the General Assembly

— develops and submits to the General Assembly for approval: the profit/loss account and balance sheet of each financial year; and the proposed program and budget for the following year

President - Art. 22

— the President is elected for a 4-year term
he/she may be re-elected

— the President chairs the General Assembly meeting and the Steering Committee meetings

— in his/her absence, the Vice President or Seretary General replaces the President