Why join ANAPRC?

ANAPRC membership is open to all male American and Canadian professional road cyclists employed by a World Tour or ProContinental team.

One Voice for the Pro Peloton

Decisions are made by the UCI, the pro teams, and the race organizers without the riders’ input because riders are not well-organized into a single organization with a single voice.

A strong ANAPRC makes a strong CPA (international riders union), and elevates the riders’ voice to a level equal to the other stakeholders in pro cycling (UCI, AIGCP, AIOCC).

Transparency and Representation

Whether you are a member of ANAPRC or not, you are funding the CPA (with an automatic 2% deduction from your prize money).

As a member of ANAPRC you will receive information about the CPA’s activities, you can give your input on how the CPA operates, and you will know how your prize money is spent by the CPA.

Members-Only Marketing Deals

ANAPRC members can earn money by participating in deals with ANAPRC’s corporate partners like VeloGuide.

ANAPRC members have special deal terms and earn more money than non-members because ANAPRC negotiates for a larger and more valuable group.

All ANAPRC members who signed-up for the VeloGuide deal earned a one-time cash bonus for signing-up that was more than 3x the cost of their annual Member Dues.

Safer Races

A strong CPA can make rule changes for how races design their courses, manage extreme weather conditions, and operate the race motorcade.

A strong CPA can also hold parties accountable when they fail to make a race safe.

Better Contracts

Every few years the CPA negotiates terms of the Joint Agreement with the pro teams. A strong CPA will negotiate better terms for minimum wages and higher quality rider insurance from the teams.

The CPA and the pro teams also negotiate the terms of the Model Contract — the direct agreement between one rider and one team. A weak CPA will produce a Model Contract that, for example, gives teams freedom to fire riders without due process.

Post-Career Transition

ANAPRC is working with its partners at the CPA to grow the CPA’s Solidarity Fund which currently makes a one-time payment of €12,500 to eligible riders when they retire from their racing career.

This program can and should be expanded to make larger payments over a period of multiple years so retired pros can pursue education or training for a new career.

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2018 Membership Dues

  • WorldTour$500/year
  • ProContinental$300/year
  • First Year Member$100/year


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