North Americans Join The CPA Pro Riders Union

A Group of Men’s Pro Road Cyclists From North America Have Joined The CPA And Established a Seat On Its Comité Directeur (Steering Committee)

Aigle, CH — The Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists (ANAPRC,,
twitter: @ANAPRC_) applied for membership to the CPA Pro Riders Union ( and was
admitted on the 27th of November 2014 during the CPA’s annual General Assembly meeting held in Milan.

ANAPRC is not a riders union but instead an association through which North American pro riders will
engage the CPA, register their input, and stay informed on issues related to safety, benefits, and the reform
of pro cycling.

ANAPRC is the eighth member association of the CPA, the first supranational association, and the first
member association from outside continental Europe. The CPA’s other members are national riders
associations from Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, and the Netherlands and have been
members of the CPA since its founding in 2000.

ANAPRC membership is open to active and retired WorldTour, ProContinental, Continental cyclists from
North America. ANAPRC has 24 members so far from USA and Canada, riding for 9 different pro teams
across 3 divisions (WorldTour, ProContinental, and Continental).

Based on a survey of its membership, ANAPRC will work with the CPA on:

1. Safety, including a protocol for addressing extreme weather conditions on race days
2. Globalization and the continued expansion of the CPA membership until every rider in the professional
peloton is represented on the CPA Steering Committee

1. work in cooperation with the teams to establish a robust non-salary benefits package, including
resources to assist the transition from cycling to another career
2. support the efforts of teams to establish stability through new revenue sources and growing the audience
of pro cycling

Lucas Euser, member of ANARPC Board of Directors: “As part of the CPA, ANAPRC aims to protect,
support, and educate riders as we enter a better future of pro cycling. This requires a collective voice and
participation from every cyclist in the pro peloton. I am proud to be a part of this group.”

Brent Bookwalter, member of ANAPRC Board of Directors: “It’s time the riders and CPA step up and make a
meaningful contribution to the big changes that we all hope will modernize and grow our sport. We the riders
have a choice between doing what we’ve always done — which is only looking out for ourselves individually —
or working together to make some changes that benefit all of us.”

About the CPA:

The CPA is the representative of WorldTour and ProContinental cyclists, recognized by the UCI and all the
important cycling associations (AIGCP, AIOCC..). The CPA consist of 8 member associations: 7 national
associations (ITA, FRA, ESP, BEL, SUI, POR, NED) and 1 supranational association (North America).

Gianni Bugno was recently re-elected to a 2nd consecutive 4-year term to serve as President of the CPA.
The CPA is funded through a 2% levy on the prize purses of UCI-sanctioned international men’s road races.
The CPA also administers a retirement fund for riders which is funded by a 5% levy on the prize purses.

Contact: Laura Mora, Press Officer,

About the ANAPRC:

The Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists was formed in October 2014 and gained
membership to the CPA in November 2014. ANAPRC exists to advance the interests of its members as
professional cyclists. ANAPRC has 24 members from USA and Canada, riding for 9 different pro teams
across 3 divisions (WorldTour, ProContinental, and Continental).

The initial Board of Directors consists of Christian Vande Velde (President), Michael J. Laszlo, Esq.
(Secretary-Treasurer), Matthew Busche, Ted King, Lucas Euser, Brent Bookwalter, and Tejay van Garderen.
A new Board of Directors will be elected by the membership at the first official meeting of the members in
2015. ANAPRC is seeking candidates to serve as Executive Director. Michael Carcaise is serving as Interim
Executive Director until a permanent replacement is hired.

Contact: Michael Carcaise, Interim Executive Director,


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