Pros Howes, Skujins, Gogl, and others attend CPA meeting in Liege

Photo: CPA

On Thursday, 19th of April, in Liège, Belgium, the CPA held a meeting open to all professional riders to discuss the future plans for management of prize money.

Professional riders including Alex Howes, Toms Skujins, Michael Gogl, Cesare Benadetti, and Reinier Honig attended the meeting with CPA representatives.

They discussed the CPA’s proposal to oversee a new centralized system for the management of all prize money, including the collection of money form all race organizers, and the re-distribution of funds to riders.

Members can find Alex Howes’ detailed report from the meeting on the ANAPRC Slack channel. If you are not already registered on the ANAPRC Slack channel, contact Michael Carcaise or Ian London to receive access.