The UCI should adopt a new protocol for Race Neutralization / Modification / Cancellation

The future UCI reforms aim to include improved rules for how races are neutralized, modified, or cancelled. This particular improvement should not wait for the 2018 season, but instead should be fully developed and implemented before the start of the 2015 racing season.

The UCI Professional Cycling Council will meet tomorrow Sunday September 21 and Monday September 22 in Ponferrada. Gianni Bugno, President of the CPA riders’ union and member of the PCC, will propose that before the 2015 racing season, UCI regulations should be amended to include a new protocol for Race Course Modification / Neutralization / Cancellation. The new protocol should consist of:

  • objective parameters for weather conditions, beyond which athletic activity is a risk to the health of the athlete. Weather conditions outside of these parameters should automatically trigger certain Modification / Neutralization / Cancellation actions. The objective parameters should be established by medical professionals.
  • a clear, concise decision-making process with rider safety the paramount concern, and shielded from commercial pressure
  • a clear, thorough procedure for communicating the decision and accompanying details to the teams and the riders

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If you agree the UCI should develop and implement a new protocol before the start of the 2015 season, contact some of the members of the PCC on twitter: