UCI Adopts New Safety Measures Proposed By CPA

This week the UCI published on its website a new version of the UCI WorldTour Specifications for Organisers which sets forth operational criteria that World Tour races must follow in, among other areas, TV production, medical services, and rider safety.

We are happy to report that certain key features of the CPA Security Plan have been adopted into the WorldTour Specifications, and take immediate effect. The CPA Security Plan was introduced in 2016 and formally proposed in various UCI commissions since then. Some of the most critical new safety rules adopted by the UCI for WorldTour races include:

Section 7.4. Risk Assessment of the final kilometers – Several weeks before the start of the event, the Organiser shall conduct a detailed reconnaissance of the last three kilometres of the route (and of each stage for a stage race). The Organiser shall draw up an assessment of the possible risks and take all necessary measures to guarantee safety when a risk is considered significant. The risk assessment conducted by the Organiser shall be delivered to the UCI administration and the President of the Commissaires’ Panel several weeks before the start of the event.

Section 7.4. Final kilometers reconnaissance video – The Organiser shall provide the teams, from several days to several weeks before the event, with a video recording of the final kilometres of the event or of each stage (last 3-5 kilometres) to highlight any potential dangers, particular difficulties, which side of roundabouts to take, etc.

Section 7.4. The Safety and Environment Manager – this officer appointed by the Organiser travels in a vehicle ahead of the race (5 to 30 minutes before the first riders). He/She is responsible for prior reconnaissance of the race route and to take any measures necessary to guarantee safety when an unforeseen risk is detected.

Section 3.4. Footless Finish Line Barriers – In the finishing straight, over a minimum of the last 300 m (for mountain finish) or the last 500 m (for flat finish), the Organiser shall use barriers with hidden bases that do not encroach onto the finishing straight or barriers with the feet covered by signs
ANAPRC’s advocacy for these specific measures began when founding ANAPRC Director Peter Stetina and Sergio Pardilla sustained serious injuries in a crash on Stage 1 of Pais Vasco 2015, caused by an improperly marked traffic bollard inside the final kilometer of the course.

We applaud the UCI for taking this step to require WorldTour races to meet this standard of care, and we call on all non-WorldTour race organizers, for all women’s, men’s and U23 races, to voluntarily adopt the same standard for rider safety.